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Average amount of modules broken during construction.


Average amount of modules broken during routine annual operations.


OnePlanet’s industry-leading material recovery rate.


The average price difference between us and competitors.


Estimated tons of solar modules by 2050 needing recycling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of modules do you accept?

We accept crystalline-silicon modules of any make and model. We currently do not accept thin-film modules but have plans to do so soon.

How do you take delivery of modules?

We can either work directly with your preferred logistics carriers or arrange shipping for pickup – you provide us with a pickup date, location and number of modules and we take care of the rest.

What type of evidence do you provide that modules were recycled?

Upon request, we provide serialized certificates of recycling that are minted after the modules have been processed in our facility and can be verified with timestamped video or picture files to satisfy the most stringent ESG audit requirements.

How much of a solar module is recyclable?

The entirety of a solar panel is recyclable – every material is matched with a buyer for a variety of industrial feedstocks.

I only have a couple modules - do you accept less-than or partial loads?

Yes – reach out to learn more about our unique approach.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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